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    1 year ago

    Ask box is off for a while. Sorry guys.

    1. mae-megumi said: This is why Reddit can’t have nice things
    2. bcas77 said: Sorry that people had to ruin it for the rest of us by not paying attention to your requests! Stupid people are stupid.
    3. thepsychoticchef said: Now I feel stupid for not checking your tumblr before messaging you and telling you that you’re on the front page of Reddit. Sorry, lovely. :/
    4. 518studios said: Reddit is why we can’t have nice things.
    5. toomuchto said: Uhhg, people suck. Screw reddit.
    6. anwiselanviere said: If I describe a one-track-minded Pokemon fan to you, will you draw them for me? Nah, just joking! Keep on rocking :) *sends loads of fluffy sweaters to you*
    7. gigglepigeon said: people are jerks, you don’t need to apologize!
    8. jessiesketches said: It’s because you’re on the front page of Reddit. The link reads “Girl Attempts to Draw Pokemon Without Any Previous Knowledge. Hilarious Results.” So, that’s probably why.
    9. dimblynick said: I’m sorry you’ve had so much hassle. If I weren’t a stranger and on the internet, I’d give you a hug.
    10. tiwaztyrsfist said: We understand. Still love you and your art!
    11. expertfieldmouse said: even with the big “please do not send me pokeymans requests” sign? dang.
    12. benmillett said: Too bad it came to that.
    13. trilltrillian said: You are on the front page of Reddit, that is probably why.
    14. mario-zeldanstein said: I want you to know that I love your work and I’m sorry that people are smelly butts =/
    15. palaven said: You don’t need to apologize! It’s not your fault people are being dicks and unable to read properly.
    16. theinfiniteaurora said: I’m sorry for the trouble people are giving you.
    17. rissarenos-geekgrotto said: I’m so sorry. Yer one of my favorite blogs, and I am so, /so/ sorry about what you’re having to go through.
    18. dont-count-on-me said: i’m sorry about those people bothering you, they shouldve stopped after you said no pokeymans
    19. bmoreroach said: Your fans will understand. You do quite a bit to connect to the folks that follow you, and I’m sorry to see that get interrupted. Keep up the good work!
    20. aneba said: Wah, it sucks that you were forced to close this more than anything. Stupid Reddit :/
    21. surroundedbydorks said: I think a lot of people on r/gaming don’t get how Tumblr works and don’t realize the problems they are causing. Sorry that you are being swamped.
    22. sundaymouri reblogged this from gingerhaze and added:
      Goddammit Reddit, someone shouldn’t have to make 4 posts within 18 hours asking people to quit sending requests, and...
    23. bennylafitted said: Completely understandable. I hope the trouble clears up soon.
    24. expistols said: nah don’t apologize, some people are shit
    25. tomboyishness said: Don’t blame you!
    26. lestaircasewit said: Totally understandable. Sorry people are illiterate assholes.
    27. lexdysic said: reddit truly is a den of iniquity

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